October 2009

My Sock Monkey family:
3 million and growing

Current Location:
In a treehouse in Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Food:
Banana ice-cream with banana chocolate chip cookies

Ideal Vacation Destination:
Disneyworld and the Dole Banana

Plantation Plans For Next Year:
TV Show, Hit Single, Music & Entertainment Tour, Go international

Who Is Introducing Me To The World?
Maxx the Sock Monkey was created by Street Players Holding Corporation, a leading toy design company based in Los Angeles, CA., founded by David Siegel in 1995.

Street Players’ current focus is on creating character-based brands. Doing so, this enables the company to continue toy design and manufacturing, while simultaneously deciding which of their characters to take into numerous categories. Maxx the Sock Monkey is on his way to many departments. For more about Street Players, please go to “Company Info”.